veni, vidi, vino.

This is nothing more than a random collection of my thoughts and ramblings, plus some things I find interesting... and now mainly a travelogue of my adventures in Florence.

I'm a film major and an art minor. I'm currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I love cake, baby animals, and awkward photos. Theater is my passion, film is my love, and photography is the whore I like to pimp out on a semi-regular basis.

23 June 10
8:30 AM

I am working on a movie film! Since I doubt posting pictures of set would be allowed, here is a plant I am currently sitting next to. But that is why I have not written anything, because I am working/interning and I am lazy or busy when I am not on set. This movie does not have a title yet. We are filming a graduation scene and one of the very attractive actors just said hello to me. I like my job.

My one complaint- crafty is TOO good, I will never lose my Italy weight.

1 June 10
9:31 AM





This photograph was taken by the crew on board the Columbia during its last mission, on a cloudless day. The picture is of Europe and Africa when the sun is setting. Half of the picture is in night. The bright dots you see are the cities’ lights. Note that the lights are already on in Holland, Paris, and Barcelona and that’s it’s still daylight in Dublin, London, Lisbon and Madrid .

13 May 10
1:50 AM

I don’t want to go home! 

Tomorrow I am waking up to go to my favorite gelato place in Florence, Il Re Gelato, to watch the owner make the gelato. My friends go there almost every day, and so he asked us today if we would like to come and see how the gelato is made. Our answers were resounding YESes all around. I can’t wait. I love this place. We chose to see him make cinnamon, which is one of their best flavors and one I’ve only seen there. I am going to recommend this place to anyone and everyone who goes to Florence.

Speaking of recommendations, I’m making up a list. I don’t know exactly how useful it would be to anyone, but it’s gonna be made.

I only have three more nights in Florence, and three full days. The last half of this semester especially went by way too fast, and I can’t believe it’s already ending. One one hand, I can’t wait to go home and see my friends (and my family, if I ever make it there… still waiting to hear about a potential internship. Hopefully I’ll get it!) and I’m way excited that I’ll be back before everyone takes off for the summer. I’m also way excited to be able to see all the APs I couldn’t work on this semester. But on the other hand I kinda wish this volcano would delay my flight just a few more days, so I can squeeze in everything I need to do still. Oh, and also so that maybe it will stop raining. We literally got about a week of beautiful Italian springtime before the weather decided to screw us over. Either way, Megan and I are climbing the Duomo tomorrow, and nothing will stop us!!

Firenze, ti amo. Non sei stato perfetto. Sei stato meglio. 

8 May 10
3:21 AM


  • It will not be a pub, or a club, but a house party
  • The drunk food will not be a pizza or a croissant con crema, but a Del Taco burrito and extra crispy fries
  • I will not go out for a gelato or granita, but for a frozen yogurt or a Slurpee
  • I will not be returning to a disgustingly springy bed, but either a couch or a nice full bed with lovely company
  • No more museums, no more duomos - only Disneyland
  • My constant singing will finally return
  • I will go from knowing far too many Meg(h)ans to almost none at all
  • I will not walk anywhere, but have to drive or be driven.
  • When walking home from a night of drinking, I won’t be walking by thousands of years of culture, but instead past homes that claim to be special when they are only 100
  • I will not travel to different countries every couple of weeks
  • I will be with friends that I love, and have new friends I love, but without new people that I absolutely adore
  • I will not be in Italy.

I am not ready to leave.

29 April 10
1:44 AM

A Staple of Late Night TV in the Valley 

So by fate I came across a top five list that included this video. And I realized, that one thing I am missing in my life (and since I no longer live in the San Fernando Valley I may never experience again), is watching TV at one in the morning and seeing the Valley Ball commercial play four times during every episode of South Park. 

Oh, the Valley. You are SO CLASSY!

26 April 10
9:55 PM
I wish we could live in the A.D.

-A girl in our tour group while in Pompeii.

You are one smart cookie.

Americans, rejoice! Real Gelato coming to the 'Bu 

(via bnahmias)


23 April 10
7:08 PM

In bullet points, since it was a month ago and I don’t feel like writing much more.

  • Got to see Miss Karen Azani and it was wonderful
  • Walked into a drag show! The show was ending, but we were beckoned inside and treated to a performance instead. We were the only girls in a bar full of men. She wanted us to play drag bingo with them, but it was 10 euro for a card and the prizes were… well, toys we didn’t really want to use.
  • The Red Light District is trippy.
  • I realized why I don’t like smoking. It makes me tense.
  • I took way too many pictures of tulips at the tulip gardens.
  • Stroopwaffels are wonderful. 
  • Thank you Karen for introducing me to the European McFlurry. If anyone in Europe right now hasn’t had one, let me be the one who tells you if you only step foot in a McDonald’s once (which is pretty much the most anyone should), it should be to order a McFlurry. With caramel sauce.
  • My flight from Amsterdam to Berlin was the BEST flight I have ever had. No one was pushy, everyone did as they were asked, no one was in a rush. It was allover very pleasant.
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